Modern & Contemporary Living Room Decor Ideas

Sometimes is hard to find the right decor for our living room. Today, Center Tables Blog wants to help you with this decisions. We bring to you some inspirations of different living room decor ideas with some marvelous center tables.

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If you’re one looking for a simple and modern living room design, we have the perfect ideas for you! Make sure to use a monotone and simple color palette, with shades of gray an white.

To give it a touch of fun and color try to incorporate some plants in the room. You’ll love it! To make your room design more fun and unique use an old tapestry with those fantastic patterns that provide a colorful and happy environment to the room!

White curtains also provide a clear and angelical vibe to the room! When the suns go through your windows your room will shine.



The best way to make your room look outstanding is if you decorate your center table in the best way possible.

The center table is for sure, one of the most important pieces in the living room. It’s one of the focal pieces in the room, and so you need to prepare it in the best way possible to enhance your living room’s design.

Depending on your center table design, you need to decide what type of decor to use, metallic, white, neon or even just a few details. It all has to combine with the rest of your decor.



If your entire living room is white, there is a very easy way to enhance the aspects you want. Use black in some features and you’ll have yourself a modern and contemporary living room decor.

If you’re still looking to make your room more luxurious and sophisticated, you can use some marble center tables, and we can tell you with the most certain thought, that it will mesmerize everyone around your room!



A huge trend nowadays is the use of metallic features in the living room. It can be found in simple details, like little decor pieces, or in lighting designs.

In this image we see another idea, use metallic features right in the middle of your living room decor, for example right on your center table. This will bring sophistication and boldness to your room.

One of the most used shades of metallic tones is the rose gold like we see in the picture above. A very good idea if you’re looking for a bolder approach.



Center Tables Blog team is totally in love with this design. Such a fun and colorful design with that bohemian touch.

If you’re in search of a new fun design for your living room this might be a good idea. Your room will be mesmerizing!

One of the best things about this is that more than a pretty room, your room will be comfortable, cozy and very functional, leaving you space to create memories there with your friends and family.



Overall, living room designs like this are appearing more and more all over the world. It’s a very well accepted look, modern and contemporary.

This type of room design is very searched and wanted for younger house owners, that want their home to be decorated according to the latest trends and designs.


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