Kenzo II: An Artistic Center Table For Your Home Decor

Have you met Malabar? Today, Center Tables Blog will introduce you this amazing brand and one of their exclusive and mesmerizing designs: Kenzo II, an artistic center table for you!

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Malabar, a world known design company, makes unique handmade pieces made by artisans and with a distinct artistic aesthetic. The brand was established in 2012 with the launch of decorative Portuguese Fado guitars and the World Architects furniture collection. Until now, the brand has released 5 collections of exclusive and exceptional furniture designs.


Wang Shu is one of the most famed and illustrious world-class architects, during his career he did majestic and gorgeous projects. He believes that “Only people who understand the nature of materials can make art using the materials.”

So, Malabar made art when designing this center table, combining the talent of the designers and the artisans’ experience and knowledge. The new Kenzo II Center Table is a more artistic version of the Kenzo Center Table, with its top table in smoked glass and the structure in polished brass. This artistic center table will be the heart of your living room interior design.

All of their pieces are produced with noble, premium and durable materials such as wood, brass, gold leaf, silver leaf, among others, by talented craftsmen and artists. Their design and marketing teams are fully devoted to providing our trade clients with rigorous design, production and assistance in the process of choosing, customizing and purchasing.


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