Greg Klassen The Creator of Handmade Pieces And Works of Art

by Bruno Couto

Greg Klassen: a father, a husband and an artist. Today, our blog brings to you two incredible coffee table designs created by this unique vanguardist mind. He combines the best of nature in a furniture piece. His handmade pieces leave anyone mesmerized and wishing to have a design like that.

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With a degree in theology, Greg also studied furniture design & fine woodworking in different places of California redwood coast and an island village in Sweden. There he was guided by two splendid furniture masters. His creations have received many design awards and have been featured in national magazines and articles. Greg showcased his work in numerous juried shows, including the prestigious Smithsonian Craft Show.

He claims to love what he does and finds a huge pleasure and fun in going to work. He makes one piece at a time, putting his entire attention towards it. Every piece starts with a piece and ends up in a functional piece of art for any home interior.



The fantastic Maple Burl River Coffee Table is a unique piece made of a big leaf maple burl, stainless steel on the base and hand-cut glass featuring the mesmerizing table-top. It costs §6,800.00 and is one of a kind. At the time it is sold out because it had a huge impact on the market. A perfect piece for any modern and contemporary interior with character.



The Maple & Walnut River Coffee Table doesn’t have many differences from the first one. The only thing that makes us able to distinguish it is the material that the table is made of. In this case, the piece features a big leaf maple, black walnut wood and hand-cut glass on the table top. Its dimensions are 25″ x 47.5″ x 16.25″h. Ideal for any home interior that needs a statement design, a range of handmade pieces.

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