George Riding Unique Wire Coffee Table Allows Integrated Objects

This coffee table created by Northumbria University graduate George Riding comes with a series of objects that integrate the table in a perfect way. Get comfortable and meet George Riding’s Unique Wire Coffee Table Allows Integrated Objects!

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Half of the tabletop is made of thin metal bars arranged horizontally and the other half vertically. There is also a rectangular surface that creates a nook for storing books and magazines. The base of the table features four legs crisscrossed that form an X when seen from the top.

George designed this table to enhance the relationship between the passive table and active objects. It makes this coffee table interactive. “This is achieved through a wire surface that allows for the corresponding designed surface objects to be picked up, moved and placed by the user through forms that integrate to the wire grid surface,” said Riding, who completed the furniture as part of Northumbria University‘s Three Dimensions Design: Furniture and Product course.

The gridded surface features a black wooden board, plate, marble block and brass vase that are designed to fit perfectly between the object wires. The wood board fits precisely into the dimension of each half of the table.

The marble block that comes with the table is perfect for smaller objects like plants while the black plate is good to serve snacks. The table also features a golden tubular brass vase that can be used to add some floral details to the piece.


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