A Restaurant in Helsinki has a New Mid-Century Look

by Tatiana Moniz

The Note Design Studio, based in Stockholm, renovated a Helsinki restaurant with beautiful pink combinations and a color scheme that truly honors the building’s features. Today, Center Table Blogs brings to you all the info on this restaurant and its mid-century look.

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The restaurant is located on the 10th floor of the Historic Hotel Palace in Eteläranta and the entire decor was also inspired by the hotels’ mid-century features and designs.

The Hotel Palace opened in 1952 to coincide with the Helsinki Summer Olympics. Designed by Finnish architects Viljo Revell and Keijo Petäja, it features a form that resembles an ocean liner topped with distinctive neon yellow signage. The Palace restaurant was originally located opposite the hotel, and in 1987 it became the first Finnish restaurant to be awarded a Michelin star.

“When [the restaurant] approached us, they didn’t ask for a modern and trendy interior,” said Note Design Studio. “On the contrary, they asked for something that will withstand time and honor the history and tradition of the Palace.”

The designers were careful to include plenty of references to the original 1950s interiors, such as the teak paneling, blue carpet, white tablecloths and custom-designed drinks trolleys.

“We imagined, not what Palace could be, but what it should be,” said the studio. “For us, the space should not only convey a sense and respect for tradition, and highlight the local atmosphere, but also be expressive on its own.”

Photos by Dezeen



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